FAQ for SME Referral

Anyone can be a referrer. All you have to do is drop us the referrer’s and referee’s details in this form and you’re all set.
You can refer businesses from any industry that meets the following criterias:

  • The nature of the referred business must be Business-to-Business (B2B). For example, wholesaler and/or manufacturer.
  • The referee’s business must be providing services or goods to other Malaysian businesses (B2B Business) on credit terms.
  • The referee’s clients must be mid-to-large size corporation(s) (private or public)
  • The referee’s business must have annual revenue of more than RM2 million.
  • The referee’s business is not in liquidation or insolvent
  • The referee’s business must be a Malaysian registered business (including sole proprietor, enterprise, and Sdn Bhd.).
  • The referee’s business must be majority owned by Malaysians (more than 51%) and have been operating for at least 1 year.
Any businesses which:

  • Is in liquidation; 
  • Under receivership; or
  • Has outstanding court judgments.
  • Business-to-Consumer (B2C) nature
  • Referral of own company
Unfortunately, you cannot introduce your own company/employer under the Referral Programme for reasons of conflict of interest. You can only introduce your company/employer’s clients, network or business partner our Programme.
We can work with businesses, even with poor credit history but this is subject to credit assessment and is done on a case-by-case basis. We cannot work with businesses that are in liquidation and those who are under receivership or have outstanding court judgments against them.
Once the status of the referred customer is reflected and transacted as a successful deal on CapBay platform, our Funding Specialist will be contacting you for further information such as your bank account.
Once our Funding Specialist has contacted the Referrer for his details (Bank Account), the cash reward will be disbursed to the referrer’s registered account at the beginning of the month; after the month of “complete transaction”.
There are a few plausible explanations:

  • The referred business did not become a successful paying customer on CapBay’s platform within 90 days of the referral; or
  • The referred business is an existing customer of CapBay; or
  • Someone else had referred the same business to CapBay;or
  • The referred business has yet to make full payment of its outstanding facility owed to CapBay for its first financing transaction; or
  • You have not provided us with your bank account details for us to make your payment.