What Is Peer-to-Peer Financing?

Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Financing is a form of crowdfunding that enables SMEs to obtain financing directly from investors. This simplifies the financing process for SMEs while providing alternative investment opportunities with attractive returns for investors.

Why Invest With CapBay?


Enjoy seamless investing with our Auto Invest feature that allocates your portfolio based on your risk profile

Risk Management

We finance suppliers of blue-chip companies and GLCs, leveraging data-driven due diligence for higher quality investments

Lock-in Periods

Our investment notes are relatively short term, with investment tenures up to 6 months, offering greater liquidity


We display our net returns upfront and include detailed breakdowns to show that there are no hidden fees

Our P2P Platform Performance

Well Diversified Portfolio Across Multiple Sectors

Cumulative data as at 30 June 2024

The default rate is calculated based on the formula shown below as defined by Securities Commission Malaysia (SC):


The denominator will essentially be the amount financed plus the returns promised to investors at the point of issuance. This includes Active Notes, Defaulted Notes and Written-Off Notes, if any. 

  • Active Notes refers to notes issued on CapBay’s platform which are not in default
  • Defaulted Notes refers to notes classified as default as per CapBay’s definition
  • Written Off Notes or any similar definition refers to notes which are in default and have not yet been recovered
Repaid on time

Data as at 30 June 2024

Auto Invest Profiles Based On Your Risk Appetite


Prioritising safer investments to ensure the best portfolio quality.


Highly diversified investments for a well-balanced portfolio.


Maximized returns for taking a higher degree of risk.

Seamless Investing

Top up money

Register an account with us and top up a minimum of RM10,000.

Select Auto Invest profile

Select one of our Auto Invest Profiles based on your risk preferences.

Enjoy your returns

Watch your investments grow as our Auto Invest feature diversifies your funds across various investment notes.

Want to know more about Peer-to-Peer (P2P) financing?
Read our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) here:

CapBay connects Investors and SME borrowers without requiring any intermediary entity such as a bank. With CapBay, investors can invest in fractions of a financing (often called as Investment Notes), enabling borrowers to raise funds through crowdfunding. CapBay sets the rates and terms based on the creditworthiness of the applicant. This transaction is facilitated by CapBay and investors can get more returns on their savings and investments when compared to other fixed income investment products. In return, CapBay keeps a service fee out of the interest earned by the investor. Historically, CapBay has always focused on Supply Chain Financing, particularly Invoice Financing.

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There are several things that differentiate us from other platforms: 

  • CapBay is highly experienced in the Supply Chain Financing sector as we are the only platform operator with both Multi-Bank Supply Chain Finance (MBSCF) and Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Financing licensed by the Securities Commission Malaysia.
  • Our Invoice Financing notes offer much better returns compared to bonds and we utilise established Financial Supply Chain management methodologies to manage the added risk from Supply Chain Financing.
  • Our P2P Financing platform features one of the first-in-market Auto Invest based on risk profiles, namely, the Conservative, Moderate and Aggressive profiles. With this feature, you select specific risk-based Auto Invest profiles that are tailored to your risk appetite. CapBay will then automatically allocate your funds for you according to the settings of each profile.
  • CapBay offers a high touch customer experience by ensuring that your dedicated Relationship Manager is always available to help you navigate our platform.

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CapBay (Bay Smart Capital Ventures Sdn. Bhd) is registered and regulated by the Securities Commission (SC) of Malaysia. Established in 2016, CapBay has been working with multiple banks to enable digital Supply Chain Financing for its clients through its platform. As a registered P2P operator in Malaysia, CapBay offers financing deals to retail investors, which were previously only open to institutional investors such as banks. 

CapBay maintains trust accounts with MTrustee Berhad (AmBank), which are designated accounts for investors’ funds, from which the Issuer(s) and Investor(s) will receive their payments. These accounts are administered by MTrustee Berhad, an independent registered trustee to safeguard the investors’ interests.

To get started on the CapBay P2P financing platform, you need to register with us. It will take less than 5 minutes, provided you have your details ready.

Here’s a Step-by-Step Guide for you to start investing with us.

Here in CapBay, you can start diversifying your investment portfolio with an initial investment of RM 10,000. However, we encourage you to make a cumulative investment of RM 50,000 to ensure you are sufficiently well-diversified.
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