Earn projected returns of over 10% a year

Invest and earn stable returns every year by helping SME suppliers get faster access to their payments. Previously an opportunity exclusively available to institutional investors and banks, we are now opening up access to individual investors.

1-6 months tenure

Short-term liquidity

Zero Financing loss

over 2500 notes funded

RM 100 million

financed since 2017
“This is a huge opportunity for investors.”

The Edge, September 2019

How CapBay Supply Chain Finance Works

  1. At CapBay you supply cash to enable suppliers to be paid immediately, while allowing buyers to extend their payment terms.
  2. With faster access to cash, suppliers can invest in working capital and business expansion, enabling them to grow faster.
  3. In return, you earn attractive returns, paid to you in as little as three months.
“CapitalBay (now CapBay) is a multi-bank Supply Chain Finance platform that facilitates smart business financing by leveraging on existing trade data and relationships”

Optimising Working Capital for Growth, PwC, 2019

Zero Financing loss

Since 2017, over 2500 SCF deals worth RM100 million have been financed through CapBay - with zero financing loss.

Data-driven Credit Evaluation & Due Diligence

CapBay ensures only the highest-quality deals launch on our platform by screening through over 2000 data points including credit history and transaction records.

Established Buyers with Large Balance Sheets

Buyers on CapBay are large, established firms with sizeable balance sheets, such as government-linked companies(GLCs), listed companies(PLCs) or multinationals(MNCs).
Award-winning platform that’s easy to use
Our award-winning financial technology platform makes it easy for you to set up your account and start earning stable and attractive returns. When in doubt, just speak directly to your CapBay Relationship Manager.



“CAPITALBAY (now CapBay), a multi-bank supply chain finance platform, has received the approval from the Securities Commission Malaysia (SC) to operate a peer-to-peer (P2P) financing platform.”

– The Star, May 2019

Get Started
We will be launching in 2020 Q1 and we are accepting registrations for our P2P investment platform. 100 early birds will be invited to participate in our Early Access programme, which will go on for two months.