Unique Investment Access to Marketplace Financing
Here’s what we offer to institutional funders like banks, institutions and financial advisors as our supply chain financing partner.
  1. Specialized Technology
    We focus on supply chain financing, creating a more seamless and intuitive user experience
  2. Operation Ready Infrastructure
    We run a variety of supply chain financing programs with various banks and non-banks funding partners
  3. Ecosystem & Access to Existing Customers
    We have multiple Buyers onboard the platform with many of the top 50 Bursa-listed corporations in the pipeline
Financial Advisors
  • Our Introducer program is designed to reward those that refer business our way on more than just a one-time basis. Introducers work very closely with us on a longer term and earn great rewards.

As an introducer, you can refer any businesses that are fit for our financing programs. This may consist of your work relations, your own suppliers or buyers, or corporations run and owned by those around your business network.

Refer a business to us and earn great returns.

Differentiate your business by offering clients a fixed-income product that can diversify their portfolios.

Refer individual or institutional investors to us and earn greater returns.

B2B Platform Partners
  • Partner with us and unlock value both for your business and wider society
  • Offer additional value to B2B ecosystem
  • Use customer insights to cross-sell
  • Offer a personalized experience
  • Facilitate lead nurturing

In 2019, a logistics platform selected CapBay as its financing partner through CapBay’s SCF platform and funding program.

The transporters on this platform benefited from the Logistics Bundle offered to address their daily high operating expenses. This bundle included access to SME financing, corporate fuel and toll cards. The ecosystem partnership has enabled SMEs to get financing using work performance data, rather than the traditional financial strength data. The transporters were able to improve cash flow and grow their business through the joint partnership.

The project was featured under United Nation Capital Development Fund’s Financial Innovation Lab.

Institutional Partners
  • Reduce risk in the supply chain by implementing an Early Payments Program.
  • Our platform connects local and international liquidity providers to finance early payment to your supplier network
  • Preserve cash longer on the balance sheet and increase free cash flow by stretching payment terms
  • Our SCF modules integrate easily with your ERPs and comes with flexibility to modify business rules on the fly
  • Buyers can expect a margin improvement of 0.3% due to improved operational efficiencies and lower cost of supply
  • Contrary to the traditional SCF approach which targets top suppliers, we grant access to medium or smaller suppliers to enrol onto the program

In 2018, a construction corporate selected CapBay as its financing partner through CapBay’s Multi-Bank SCF platform and funding program.

Banks had been tightening up on financing the construction industry, making it difficult for subcontractors to access working capital and resulting in disruptions for the main contractors. Since partnering with CapBay to launch its SCF program, the main contractor was able to improve cash flow by extending payment terms whereas subcontractors were able to access financing via our Multi-Bank SCF platform.

Beyond the dollars and cents, the program improved the project management as subcontractors gain access to better financing.

Bank Partners
  • Participate as a funder on our platform and get access to new SME financing channels spanning across multiple industries
  • We offer white label solutions for lending institutions to offer their own supply chain finance platform
  • Skilled professionals gather requirements from your functional teams
  • Customized UX & UI interfaces in line with your branding
  • Scalable supplier onboarding tools and buyer integrations
  • Secure connection with back-end trade systems
  • Flexible API connections to automate corporate data transfer
  • Dynamic dashboard showing real-time analytics and transaction performance
  • Monitoring, notifications, triggers & alerts to improve efficiency in portfolio management
  • Integration with 3rd party AML/KYC databases, payment gateways, cloud accounting and e-procurement systems

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