Investing made simple

How it Works

Maintain a total investment portfolio of at least RM 10,000 at all times

Select and turn on one of the following pre-set Auto Invest profiles (Conservative, Moderate or Aggressive)

You can select your Auto Invest profile via Invest Now > Auto Invest in your account

Be rewarded with 2% p.a.* On the Eligible Balance within your CapBay Account

*The Applicable Returns (%) offered are subject to change and will be revised accordingly

How to calculate the Eligible Balance for CapBay Plus using an example of RM 10,000 portfolio:

N (Total Portfolio): RM10,000
X (Invested Funds): RM8,000

= (95% x N) – X

= (95% x RM 10,000) – RM 8,000

= RM 1,500

NOTE: The Eligible Balance is calculated as follows where ‘N’ is the total value of the investor’s Capbay investment portfolio and ‘X’ is the total amount invested of that portfolio

  • This campaign is only eligible for existing investors that invests in investment notes on CapBay platform
  • And corporate or institutional investor(s) who were selected to participate. To speak to us if you are keen to know more, click here
  • Of course, you are! Just top up your account to a minimum of RM 10,000 and you’re good to go.
  • Pretty simple! All you have to do is maintain a total portfolio of RM 10,000 at all times.
  • And don’t forget to Enable your Auto-Invest programme and select and turn on one of the following pre-set Auto Invest profiles (Conservative, Moderate and Aggressive) during the period
  • The cash bonus is prorated at the Applicable Rate (per annum) on the average Eligible Balance captured each day during the Feature Period.
  • The Applicable Rate will be displayed inside the CapBay app and the feature’s marketing product page.
  • The cash bonus will be accrued daily during the Feature Period and credited into the Eligible Investor’s CapBay account every calendar quarter by the end of the first week of each calendar quarter

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