What is CapBay Assure?

While we ensure we match investors with creditworthy Issuers, we understand that there may be times where Issuers may not be able to fulfill their payment obligations. This is where CapBay Assure comes in, giving you, our investors, the assurance that your principal and interest will be guaranteed – even in the event of an issuer default.

Key Highlights

Low Risk

Invest with confidence that your principal and interest are protected from defaults

Stable Returns

CapBay Assure guarantees an attractive net return (after fees) of up to 6% p.a.

Automated Investments

Invest in CapBay Assure seamlessly with our Auto Invest feature

We have set up a Reserve Fund to back the Guarantee

We have appointed a Guarantee Company to maintain a reserve fund that is designed to pay off our investors in the event an issuer defaults. This is done by purchasing the relevant investment note from the affected investors and assigning the rights of the defaulting note to the Guarantee Company.

How to Invest in CapBay Assure?

Option 1

Automatically invest in CapBay Assure through the Conservative and Moderate Auto Invest Profiles.

Option 2

Configure the Custom Auto Invest profile to gain specific exposure to CapBay Assure

Option 3

Manually invest in individual investment notes that are tagged to CapBay Assure

The Reserve Fund is maintained at a Coverage Ratio that sufficiently covers Expected Losses

Note: Data as at 31 December 2023


Minimum Coverage Ratio (since June 2021)


Current coverage ratio

What will happen if the default amount exceeds the reserve fund?

In the unlikely event that there are a large number of defaults within a short period of time and the reserve fund is depleted, rest assured, CapBay will exercise the necessary recovery measures to return the principal and interest to the investors. The issuance of the new notes under CapBay Assure will be suspended until the coverage ratio is sufficient again.

Total repayments made by the Reserve Fund: RM 0 (No defaults)

For more details on CapBay Assure, check out our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) here