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Know any business that might benefit from our Invoice Financing solution? Start referring a business to CapBay and be rewarded with RM300 cash for each successful referral.


Malaysian registered company;

At least 1 year in operation;

Have mid-to-large corporate customers (B2B); and

Not in liquidation or insolvent


1) Malaysian registered company;

2) At least 1 year in operation;

3) Have mid-to-large corporate customers (B2B); and

4) Not in liquidation or insolvent.

How it Works

Fill up the Referral Form

Our friendly expert will reach out to the referred person to understand their business financing needs.

You’ll be rewarded once the referred business transacts with us

Anyone can refer a business except if you are the owner/employee of the business. For owners of the business please fill out our Invoice Financing application form here.
Once the referred business is onboarded, we will ask for your bank details. You will receive your money in the first week of the next calendar month after the completion of the 1st Transaction between CapBay (formerly known as CapitalBay) and the Referred Customer (i.e. after the Referred Customer made full payment of any outstanding facility owed to CapBay for its 1st financing transaction).
Invoice Financing  (also known as Accounts Receivables Factoring, Account Receivable Financing or Debtor Finance) is a financing facility whereby a business sells an invoice to a third party (CapBay) at a discount. 


When a SME sells goods/services to a Medium-to-Large Corporation (B2B Business), it is likely that that Corporation will only repay the invoices after 30 – 120 days. This creates a cash flow gap for SME as they would have to pay for expenses in the first month (e.g. salary, raw materials, rent) to deliver the goods and services only to receive payment for the transaction on the 3rd/4th month. This cash flow gap creates financial stress on SMEs as they are unable to pay for expenses or even take other orders while they wait for payment from Corporations. 

With CapBay’s Invoice Financing solution, we can turn those unpaid invoices into cash, instantly. This solution enables SMEs to take up new job requests and manage day-to-day operations without worrying about their cash flow.

Have more questions? Check out our handy SME Referral FAQ!

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