Don't just sit on your assets - use them to secure your business's financial future

Whether it is for expanding your business or managing your day-to-day operations, CapBay’s Collateral-Backed Financing has got you covered. This collateral-backed financing solution is designed to cater to your business needs such as to manage your short-term cash flow requirements, refinance your properties, and finance your capital goods to ensure that you are able to reach your desired business growth!

Type of facilities offered:

Term Financing

Facility tenor up to 36 months

Revolving Credit

Facility tenor up to 120 days

Flexible repayment options

Financing amount up to


Financing charges as low as

8 % p.a

Margin of finance of your property or land value up to


3 Simple Steps to give your business the cash flow head start!

Step 1: Submit Application

Submit your details in the application form and we will be in touch with you to discuss further on your financing requirements.

Step 2: Receive Offer

Our team will evaluate your application and upon our approval, a Letter of Offer will be sent to you

Step 3: Fund Disbursement

If you are satisfied with our offer, simply sign the Letter of Offer and we will make the necessary preparations for your fund disbursement!

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Sole proprietors, partnerships, Limited Liability Partnerships (LLP), and Private Limited companies (Sdn Bhd)

Registered in Malaysia and comprising at least 51% of local shareholders

Your business has been in operation for at least 1 year

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Frequently asked questions:

For Sole proprietorships, Partnerships and Limited Liability Partnerships  (LLP):

  1. CapBay’s Terms of Service (To be completed with the sole proprietor’s/partners’ signature(s) and endorsed with the business’ rubber stamp) 
  2. Business registration certificate issued by SSM 
  3. Photocopy of NRIC of Sole proprietor/Partners 
  4. Latest 3 years’ Management Account 
  5. Latest 6 months bank statements
  6. Latest 3 years Income tax returns 
  7. Latest creditor and debtor ageing summary 
  8. A copy of the land title and/or the past valuation report of the pledged security 
  9. Site photos of the pledged security 

For Private Limited companies (Sdn Bhd):

  1. CapBay’s Terms of Service (To be completed with director’s signature and company stamp) 
  2. Company Certificate of Incorporation issued by SSM 
  3. Photocopy of NRIC of directors NRIC 
  4. Latest 3 years’ Audited report or Management Account 
  5. Latest 6 months bank statements 
  6. Latest creditor and debtor ageing summary 
  7. A copy of the land title and/or the past  valuation report of the pledged security 
  8. Site photos of the pledged security
The types of assets that are eligible to be pledged are as follows:

  • Office units
  • Retail lots 
  • Lands (industrial, commercial, agricultural, etc)
  • Factories  
  • Residential properties
You do not need to obtain a full Valuation Report from any of our panel of valuers during the application stage. Providing us with an existing valuation report on the said asset will serve as a reference to us and may help accelerate the application process. A full Valuation Report from one of our panel of valuers is only required prior to the disbursement of the financing amount as one of the pre-disbursement conditions.
Generally, CapBay accepts any type property that is free from encumbrances and completed with fair condition within Malaysia (subject to further assessment). However, you can always reach out to our Relationship Managers for more details and to understand if the property is eligible.
Subject to our assessment, it may be possible to use the same asset (an encumbered asset/property) for financing. However, that same asset must first be redeemed from the previous financier via CapBay’s financing. Only upon a full redemption can the encumbrance on the asset be removed by the previous financier and only then can the asset be subsequently pledged to CapBay.
There is typically a lock-in period of 12 months for any secured financing facility. An early settlement fee is charged should any settlement be made within the first 12 months. However, no additional fee will be charged if the facility is settled from the 13th month onwards.
If there is an intention to redeem the pledged asset, the issuer or the asset buyer/ financier may formally write in to CapBay requesting for a redemption statement that comes with the total outstanding amount payable for early settlement.
Yes. It may be possible to top up your financing amount after a partial settlement. The client may put in their application to CapBay on the new financing request and a new credit assessment will be performed. The expected approval timeframe is within 10-14 working days.
Yes. You may obtain a combination of financing from CapBay including Term Financing, Invoice Financing, Purchase Order Financing, etc, at more than 200% margin of financing based on the property value.
The expected turnaround time for a facility approval will be around 2-3 weeks upon a full and complete document submission. Depending on the type of collateral and the disbursement conditions, it might take up to several weeks for the disbursement to occur after approval.
Each application submitted to CapBay will be handled by a designated Relationship Manager. The outcome of the application will be informed directly by the designated Relationship Manager to the client via the preferred notification method.
The pledged asset may be replaced, after the disbursement of the facility, with another asset subject to CapBay’s full assessment and consideration of the new asset intended to be pledged. The prerequisites for CapBay to deliberate if the new asset intended to be pledged is eligible for consideration is that the asset must not be of a lower market value than the one currently pledged and the asset must be free from encumbrances.

For more details on our solution, check out our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) here