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Data as of 30 November 2023

CapBay P2P Islamic

Your preferred P2P platform now offers a fully automated Shariah-compliant option!

Begin your investment journey with CapBay P2P Islamic today for a fully Shariah-compliant portfolio aligned with ethical financial principles and competitive returns.

How It Works


Start with a minimum investment of RM10,000 in your CapBay account.

Select Auto Invest Profiles

Choose from our pre-set options - Conservative, Moderate, or Aggressive.

Opt in Shariah Option

Opt for our Shariah-compliant investment for a financial journey aligned with your ethical beliefs. This ensures your funds are only allocated to Shariah-compliant financing notes.

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read our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) here:

CapBay P2P Islamic is our P2P Auto Invest option designed for those seeking Shariah-compliant investment opportunities. This feature allows investors to have a fully Shariah-compliant investment portfolio aligned with ethical financial principles while offering competitive returns.
For new investors, simply register an account, top up a minimum of RM10,000, choose an Auto Invest profile (Conservative, Moderate, or Aggressive), and opt for the Shariah option. Existing investors can just select the Shariah-compliant option in their Auto Invest profile.
Our Auto Invest profiles cater to different risk appetites – Conservative for low risk, Moderate for a balanced approach, and Aggressive for higher risk and potential returns. Our Shariah-compliant financing products are based on a commodity murabahah arrangement via a Tawarruq arrangement. All of our Islamic Financing products and processes are approved by our Shariah advisor.
CapBay P2P Islamic is not a separate Platform or Product, but rather a subset of CapBay P2P that allows investors to opt in to only Islamic financing notes, with a fully Shariah compliant investment process, and avoids conventional financing notes hosted on CapBay P2P.
Yes, you can adjust your preferences at any time to align with your investment goals and needs.
For any additional queries, contact our support team.